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Akina Nakamori (中森明菜, Nakamori Akina, born July 13, 1965) is a Japanese singer and actress. She is one of the most popular and top selling artists in Japan. Akina achieved national recognition when she won the 1981 season of the talent show Star Tanjō!. Her debut single "Slow Motion" was released to moderate success, peaking at number thirty on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. However, Akina's popularity was pushed up by the follow-up single, "Shōjo A", which peaked at number five on the Oricon chart and has sold over 390,000 copies. Her second album Variation became her first number-one on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart, staying three weeks atop. As an actress, she made her debut in 1985 with the appearance on the Japanese romance movie Ai, Tabidachi. After her extended hiatus from 2010 to 2014, Akina released two compilation album, All Time Best: Original and All Time Best: Utahime Cover, both of which were commercially successful. As of 2011, Akina has sold over 25.3 million records and was named as the third best-selling female Japanese idol singer of all-time.

Within two years of her debut, she set herself apart from all the singers of her generation with her mature song selection and the ability to change her image with the release of each new single, much like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. This provocative and rebellious image was to be the direct opposite of the other pop rival, Seiko Matsuda, who projected more of a girl next door, sweet-natured charm.

Akina’s life would take a turn for the worse in 1989 when she attempted suicide in the apartment of her then-boyfriend, Kondo Masahiko. The reason was due to their relationship issues, including a rumored affair with her rival Seiko. Akina and Masahiko eventually broke up. The 90s saw Akina get a few more hits, but she never regained the success of her 80s heyday. She appeared on Kohaku Uta Gassen in 2014, singing her new single “Rojo -Tierra-.” This past December, Akina released her first studio album in 6 years.


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Dan Kaluhiokalani Sr says

"I literally hated everything they sent. I also put in my dislikes that I disliked nut flavor and they sent me a nut flavor in The first box. I contacted them about this and the agent told me that I didn’t mark that I didn’t mark nuts in my dislikes. I just agreed. He tried to send me a replacement. But of course you can mark only so many dislikes so I went with the worst of my dislikes. So he sent me another flavor and of course it’s something that I really don’t like. They sometimes send you 1-2 pieces of hardware. Well of course I got the month that only 1 comes. It was the worst Rta. I have a good amount of Rtas and have been building them for a while now. This one leaks like a waterfall. If you’re thinking about getting this service or one like it I would definitely say save your money and time and just buy the juice that you want and like. Not total surprises. Maybe if you were given the choice on what you want in your box every month with choices even the hardware I would keep this service. But I believe I’m just going to unsubscribe and be happy with choice instead of chance."

Carrie Davis says

"The first box I got, I gave away almost all my juices. My flavor profile being almost completely ignored. The second box I actually called to make sure I would get flavors that I said I liked rather than disliked. Mainly bc when I was looking over the juices it was choosing for me that I could add to my box myself it was showing A LOT of menthols. (A dislike) So this guy from customer service helped create the box for me and asked what kind of 10 ml bottle juice I would like, told him. I thought this was a complementary bottle for their mistakes on the first box( bc I let them know the first box had a lot of dislikes in it as well.) Little did I know that everyone was getting a 10 ml bottle that month.Oh well, just wish I would had taken my $67 and put it to juice for the month. This month I will be, seeing as the 10 ml bottle had been OPENED and about 2 mls of the juice was actually gone out of it! I'm not saying they opened it, or they tried to sabotage the bottle (If so I would say it was a 60 ml.lol) I'm just saying this should not had been something that was overlooked. I've ordered A LOT of juices and I always check them to make sure the tamper proof seal is in place and not BROKEN like this one was. I don't think anyone would want to vape something that has been opened!"

Alex Castillo says

"This place is a joke first of all they took 2 weeks to get my sample box order to my house they were very insistent that they will not provide anything during the wait they said due to mod month they were behind...so finally I get the box and I cant open up one of there bottles the cap just keeps spinning so I contacted them and they wanted me to send a picture so I did then they tell me well try these tips on reddit..like I dont have hundreds of bottles that I've opened myself..I know how to open a bottle and I know when a bottle cap is defective the continue to tell me we can not do anything about this because you orderd the sample box...but other companies I've ran into this problem with were kind enough to send me a new bottle...the customer service here is bad they dont care about nothing but the money and if your not a subscriber and still even if you are they wont correct any issue you may have...period..vape wild sent me a bag full of juice when I had this problem with them and so did verdict vapes so I will be contacting a lawyer and continue to give bad reviews about this company zamplebox would fix this in no time..yall please I'm telling you dont order from this company if you have any kinds of problems they will not help you what so ever!"

Alex Castillo says

"I would not recommend I orderd 9 days ago and still havent got a confirmation from the postal service that my item has been brought to them or picked up...and I also orderd fro 2 vape co mom panics that fo bbn boxes that same day vape wild and zamplebox and got there box in 3 days and I orderd from vapebox first...I still havent got anything and this is so nerve racking in thinking about legal action for false advertisement I want my items now"

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